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System Requirements Meshmixer 3.5

Microsoft Windows 7 or later
4GB system RAM
Integrated or discrete graphics card with latest drivers

Release History

Meshmixer 3.5 (April 17, 2018)

Bug fixes:

Meshmixer 3.4 (January 15, 2018)

Bug fixes:

Meshmixer 3.3 (October 31, 2017)

Big changes in this release:

Bug fixes:

Meshmixer 3.2 (April 18, 2017)

NOTE: requires graphics card drivers update

Meshmixer 3.1 (March 29, 2017)

bug fixes:

Meshmixer 3.0 (January 28, 2016)

- new Complex objects that contain internal partitions (beta!). Complexes make it easy to design for multi-material 3D printing!!
- Generate Complex tool to create a Complex from face groups
- Split Complex decomposes a Complex into separate solid shells
- new Export mode that automatically decomposes Complex on write
- new Align to Target tool to automatically align meshes in 3D
- new Unwrap tool flattens surface patches
- new SVG Export can export meshes as SVG (edges, colors, etc). Try it with Unwrap!
- new Mesh Query tool for visualizing mesh properties
- new measurement-based scene scaling workflow in Units/Dimensions tool
- new Select Intersecting action in Select tool (double-click on other scene objects)
- new Preserve Group Borders and Project To Target options in Smooth Boundary
- Remesh can now automatically preserve sharp edges
- Make Pattern can now clip to active Target object
- Make Solid updates and new mode to automatically preserve sharp edges (slow!)
- huge Booleans stability improvements
- minor improvements to Transform, Smooth, Replace and Reduce
- export support for SMESH format
- Pivot-drag positioning shortcut can now terminate on any surface in scene
- new unlit-texture shader
- support for Autodesk Screencast
- crazy bugfixes
- tons of UI improvements to indicate disabled/unavailable menus and settings
- lots of [scripting API improvements]

meshmixer 2.9

- updated most Tools to properly handle Texture Maps
- new Pivot objects for simplifying precise positioning
- new Create Pivot tool to place Pivots in many different ways
- existing Tools now snap to Pivots when possible
- updated Transform Tool with precise input of translate/rotate/sizing
- Transform Tool can use a Pivot as arbitrary center-of-rotation
- rewritten Align Tool with many new alignment modes
- fast Pivot-to-Pivot snapping to rapidly position objects
- rewritten Remesh Tool with new remeshing modes
- new Adaptivity setting in brush tools (in Refinement panel)
- improved support for multi-user installations
- improved stability, particularly startup crashes, network-related crashes, and GPU issues
- support for Anti-Aliased Rendering in Preferences (disabled by default)
- support for Importing .mix files
- Full Release Notes in the forum

June 23, 2015 update 2.9.1
- Incorporation of 3D Hubs as a 3d printing service option
- Ability to add an alternate proxy server

August 19, 2015 update 2.9.2
- new Tinkerplay part libraries
- Make Solid can now bake uv/vertex colors to vertex colors of new mesh
- new region-growing capability in Selection tool
- Pivot improvements (.mix import, duplicating linked pivots, new Create modes)
- many bugfixes! (texture support, vertex color painting, remeshing, ...)
- Detailed Release Notes in the forum

October 21, 2015 update 2.9.3
- Japanese language is now available from Preferences dialog
- new Send To 123D Design option under File menu

November 10, 2015 update 2.9.4
- Resolve various crash issues

meshmixer 2.8

- 123D account support (brose/import from 123D Gallery, 123D Catch, Sculpt+, save/load from your 123D account)
- Ember support structures

meshmixer 2.7

- New Layout/Packing Tool for 3D print bed layout
- New Deviation Tool analyzing differences between meshes
- New Clearance Tool for verifying tolerances
- Additional modes in Reduce Tool (triangle count, max deviation)
- Improvements to Support Structure Generation (better DLP/SLA preset, horizontal bars, …)
- Boolean options when dropping Solid Parts
- Snapping options in Measure Tool
- Print Bed now visible in Modeling View
- Improved support for lower-end graphics hardware
- Full Release Notes in the forum

meshmixer 2.6

- simplified 3D Print UI
- support for Dremel 3D Printer (support preset, send prints to Dremel Idea Builder software)
- (experimental!!) DLP/SLA support preset
- new Orientation tool for optimizing print orientation to miminize support volume/area, and/or maximize print strength
- new Add Tube tool for creating tubes through/between shapes
- new Preserve Boundaries option in Smooth Boundary
- new Allow Top Connections option in Support Generator
- brought back Strut Density option in Support Generator
- fix longstanding Axis scaling bugs in transforms
- Face Transform Soft Transform tools now infer local frame from selection, and can optionally have separate frame for each ROI
- (optional) parameter-saving for Reduce and Remesh tools
(add SaveToolSettings=true in meshmixer.ini)

meshmixer 2.5

- new Preferences dialog to centralize settings
- improved 3D Print Services integration
- new Hollow tool, with escape holes (auto-generated and interactive - try double-clicking)
- new Bridge tool
- new Thickness Visualization tool
- Improved Support Structures for 3D printing, with new Presets and Support Graph Optimization
- Make Pattern now has Linear and Spherical Gradients, better behavior for sizing parameters
- new Select Visible command (under Selection / Modify)
- Project Face Groups and Minimum Thickness options in Make Solid tool (min thickness requires Accurate mode)
- VRML (.wrl) export (with vertex colors)
- improved Drop Solid behavior, Create New Part option
- smooth boundaries improvements
- better behavior of Remesh when smoothness=0
- Units tool only shows dimensions for visible objects
- various tools now remember settings

meshmixer 2.4

- integrated 3d printing services: Sculpteo, i.materialise, and Shapeways
- direct printing to Type A Machines 2014 series 1 (networked printer)
- new Patterns (random, borders)
- Offset parameter in Drop Solid
- Selective undo/redo (skip slow tool computations with ALT+SHIFT+left/right arrows)
- many bugfixes, cleanups, and optimizations
- many new hotkeys (see forum)