Meshmixer Beta releases are provided for entertainment purposes only. These are our daily development builds. There will be bugs! And crashes! But if you drink from the firehose, you'll get access to the latest bugfixes and newest features.

If you have questions or want to "provide feedback", we have added a Beta forum.

February 16, 2017 [3.1.322] [Win64] [macOS]

Important: We've made some core changes to the OpenGL code. If you experience a crash or a black screen, or if something is not rendering properly, please 1) update your graphics card drivers, 2) try again and send us your bug report if it's still happening. Please test it on your machine ASAP before we incorporate this Beta in the next full release!

- automatic support for high-DPI displays on Windows
- more improvements to Japanese localization
- preserve settings for Uniform Scaling, Add Tube
- save support structure generation settings in Overhangs tool as custom Presets
- improvement to Help menu

bug fixes:
- screen goes black after exporting an OBJ
- intermittent crash on startup due to a multi-threaded race condition
- file corruption when flipping normals
- screen freezing up when using Analysis-Orientation and Analysis-Layout/Packing
- language selection in the Installer appears to have no effect

January 23, 2017 [3.1.283] [Win64] [macOS]

- decoupled from 123D workflows
- completed Japanese localization
- reduced install size
- updated hotkey help files
- updated existing analytics functionality*

more crazy bug fixes:
- fixed bug reporting functionality
- fixed potential crash in printer settings panel
- fixed a bug in the Mac installer
- fixed "reverse" arrow in Align tool
- fixed wrong icons displayed in menus
- fixed bug in brush texture menu after importing a new texture
- fixed checkmarks in menu for drawing of boundaries and wireframe
- fixed a bug where overhang menu always forgot Strut Density and Contact Tolerance, as well as not resetting when default settings were applied
- fixed the secondary brush mode, where the secondary brush icon is displayed while painting (i.e. Shift key is pressed)
- prevented Meshmixer from connecting to online print services until requested by the user
- changed Preferences shortcut key to Alt-T in Windows, to match the documentation
- fixed display of EULA and the About Meshmixer text
- updated a certified publisher info in the Windows installer

*Note: Meshmixer is still tracking the same non-personal product usage information: unique user ID (product license use non-associated with a specific person or user profile), product launch and close times, and product crashes.

September 16, 2016 [3.1.148] [Win64] [OSX]

- ported to Qt5
- API updates

May 31, 2016 [3.1.118] [Win64] [Win32] [OSX]

- API updates
- improved 3MF support

April 21, 2016 [3.1.106] [Win64] [Win32] [OSX]

- added read/write support for 3MF file format, with colors and uv-mapped textures
- new simplified Print UI/workflow
- new Send To Print Studio button for supported printers
- improvements to Optimize Mesh tool
- changed 123D auto-login to be deferred until accessing 123D. This removes startup delays and occaisional startup white-screen hangs.
- fixed crash when starting up without proxy server configured, when behind proxy

March 19, 2016 [3.1.88] [Win64] [Win32] [OSX]

- Experimental support structures for metal DMLM/DMLS printing. Use the DMLS Tool Steel Preset in the Overhangs Tool. This is a slight modification on the method demonstrated in our AU 2015 Demo Reel. Support posts are constrained to be in rows, for easier removal (may also be useful for plastic).
- added Segment Jitter setting to Support generator. This option slightly randomizes the posts, so that there are not duplicate triangles/vertices in exported STLs. The results are more likely to import/Boolean cleanly in other software.
- revamped the Advaced Support properties panel (replaced sliders with edit boxes)
- added ability to save support structure generation settings in Overhangs tool as custom Presets. Use Save Current... item at the bottom of the menu. Presets are saved as XML files in ~\Documents\meshmixer\printers\supportPresets. To delete a preset, you must delete it from this directory.
- many API updates (use current_beta branch)

March 11, 2016 [3.1.83] [Win64] [OSX]

- double-sized UI hack available in Preferences panel, for Windows High-DPI displays
- fixed shader issues that were causing OpenGL problems for some users
- sample printer definition included in meshmixer folder, in \meshmixer\printers\ . Copy and edit custom_printers.xml to add your own printers, they appear under Custom in printers panel. You can have multiple printers in the same file. Note that the custom_printers.xml file itself may be replaced by future installers, so put your printer in a copy!.
- improved Thickness analysis, various new parameters and can bake thickness colormap to vertex colors
- Orientation tool now can use print bed as volume constraint (and revamped property panel)
- added support for meters and feet in Units
- Clearance and Deviation now display min/max measured values in panels
- can now undo first sculpting stroke without exiting sclupt tool (finally!)
- added RobustSmooth to Surface Brush
- improved behavior of Restrict to Groups in sculpting
- many bugfixes
- many API updates (use current_beta branch)

February 11, 2016 [3.1.28] [Win64] [Win32] [OSX]

- can now multi-select files in Import dialog.
- can now assign materials to objects individually. Drag-drop onto background to set scene-level material. Drag-drop onto object to set for object. Hold shift while drag-dropping material to set for all objects in scene.
- fixed UV issue in Weld Boundaries
- new Active Printer selection UI (in-progress!)

February 2, 2016 [3.1.16] [Win64] [Win32] [OSX]

- restored Replace property panel
- bugfix for cylinder frame in Fit Primitive
- added Height Field mode to Fit Primitive
- added resolution control to Fit Primitive
- added new Optimize Mesh tool

January 27, 2016 [3.1.7]

- added Most-Recently-Used files list
- updated Booleans property panel
- added option to discard undo history under Edit menu
- 'd' hotkey now drops copies in DropSolid tool (only in Create new Object mode)
- changed version number in about box to show 3 instead of 11