meshmixer 2.9.4 is now available for Windows and OSX:

Release notes below. If you have trouble, come back and ask for help in the meshmixer forums.


Release History

[November 10, 2015] meshmixer 2.9.4
[Win32] [Win64]

- Resolve various crash issues

[October 21, 2015] meshmixer 2.9.3
[Win32] [Win64] [OSX]

- Japanese language is now available from Preferences dialog
- new Send To 123D Design option under File menu

[August 19, 2015] meshmixer 2.9.2
[Win32] [Win64] [OSX]

- new Tinkerplay part libraries
- Make Solid can now bake uv/vertex colors to vertex colors of new mesh
- new region-growing capability in Selection tool
- Pivot improvements (.mix import, duplicating linked pivots, new Create modes)
- many bugfixes! (texture support, vertex color painting, remeshing, ...)
- Detailed Relese Notes in the forum

[June 23, 2015] meshmixer 2.9.1
[Win32] [Win64] [OSX]

- Incorporation of 3D Hubs as a 3d printing service option
- Ability to add an alternate proxy server

[April 30, 2015] meshmixer 2.9
[Win32] [Win64] [OSX]

- updated most Tools to properly handle Texture Maps
- new Pivot objects for simplifying precise positioning
- new Create Pivot tool to place Pivots in many different ways
- existing Tools now snap to Pivots when possible
- updated Transform Tool with precise input of translate/rotate/sizing
- Transform Tool can use a Pivot as arbitrary center-of-rotation
- rewritten Align Tool with many new alignment modes
- fast Pivot-to-Pivot snapping to rapidly position objects
- rewritten Remesh Tool with new remeshing modes
- new Adaptivity setting in brush tools (in Refinement panel)
- improved support for multi-user installations
- improved stability, particularly startup crashes, network-related crashes, and GPU issues
- support for Anti-Aliased Rendering in Preferences (disabled by default)
- support for Importing .mix files
- Full Release Notes in the forum

[January 30, 2015] meshmixer 2.8
[Win32] [Win64] [OSX]

- 123D account support (brose/import from 123D Gallery, 123D Catch, Sculpt+, save/load from your 123D account)
- Ember support structures

[November 26, 2014] meshmixer 2.7
[Win32] [Win64] [OSX]

- New Layout/Packing Tool for 3D print bed layout
- New Deviation Tool analyzing differences between meshes
- New Clearance Tool for verifying tolerances
- Additional modes in Reduce Tool (triangle count, max deviation)
- Improvements to Support Structure Generation (better DLP/SLA preset, horizontal bars, …)
- Boolean options when dropping Solid Parts
- Snapping options in Measure Tool
- Print Bed now visible in Modeling View
- Improved support for lower-end graphics hardware
- Full Release Notes in the forum

[October 15, 2014] meshmixer 2.6
[Win32] [Win64] [OSX]

- simplified 3D Print UI
- support for Dremel 3D Printer (support preset, send prints to Dremel Idea Builder software)
- (experimental!!) DLP/SLA support preset
- new Orientation tool for optimizing print orientation to miminize support volume/area, and/or maximize print strength
- new Add Tube tool for creating tubes through/between shapes
- new Preserve Boundaries option in Smooth Boundary
- new Allow Top Connections option in Support Generator
- brought back Strut Density option in Support Generator
- fix longstanding Axis scaling bugs in transforms
- Face Transform & Soft Transform tools now infer local frame from selection, and can optionally have separate frame for each ROI
- (optional) parameter-saving for Reduce and Remesh tools
(add SaveToolSettings=true in meshmixer.ini)

[August 11, 2014] meshmixer 2.5
[Win32] [Win64] [OSX]

- new Preferences dialog to centralize settings
- improved 3D Print Services integration
- new Hollow tool, with escape holes (auto-generated and interactive - try double-clicking)
- new Bridge tool
- new Thickness Visualization tool
- Improved Support Structures for 3D printing, with new Presets and Support Graph Optimization
- Make Pattern now has Linear and Spherical Gradients, better behavior for sizing parameters
- new Select Visible command (under Selection / Modify)
- Project Face Groups and Minimum Thickness options in Make Solid tool (min thickness requires Accurate mode)
- VRML (.wrl) export (with vertex colors)
- improved Drop Solid behavior, Create New Part option
- smooth boundaries improvements
- better behavior of Remesh when smoothness=0
- Units tool only shows dimensions for visible objects
- various tools now remember settings

[May 22, 2014] meshmixer 2.4
[Win32] [Win64] [OSX] [details]

- integrated 3d printing services: Sculpteo, i.materialise, and Shapeways
- direct printing to Type A Machines 2014 series 1 (networked printer)
- new Patterns (random, borders)
- Offset parameter in Drop Solid
- Selective undo/redo (skip slow tool computations with ALT+SHIFT+left/right arrows)
- many bugfixes, cleanups, and optimizations
- many new hotkeys (see forum)

[April 22, 2014] meshmixer 2.3

Add/Edit custom printers, so you can prep your 3D prints for any 3D printer
- New Make Slices tool: Slice an object into a number flat slices. Two techniques: Stacked or Stacked3D
- New drag/drop solid objects in addition to parts. 
- Added part categories to the Meshmix panel to accommodate growing libraries of parts and solids
- New Separate Shells tool to separate meshes into disconnected components
PLY binary format support
- (limited,Windows) 3D Connexion spacemouse support
- Better naming of newly created objects from duplicate, separate, etc…
- Lots of bug-fixes and stability improvements   (for example, unicode filenames work again)

[March 19, 2014] meshmixer 2.2
[OSX] [details]

- New Make Pattern tool that generates lots of cool 3D patterns from the input mesh
- New Fit Primitive tool that creates various geometric primitives based on input selection(s)
- new Flip Normals tool
3D Printing improvements - assign materials per-object based on printer type, save to Objet Studio format, materials saved in .thing and .objzf, Fit to Build Volume button
- object list now has Delete, Duplicate, and Set as Target controls
- Option to set Y or Z as default up-axis (in View -> Config menu)
- New hotkeys - Delete to delete selection/object, ` to Set as Target, ~ to Clear Target
- Remesh tool now has 3 modes for boundary handling
- VolumeBrush has new options including Adaptive Refinement, Brush on Target, and Attract To Target control (and 'r' hotkey toggles refinement on/off)
- Attract to Target tool has new Find Sharp Edges option
- Make Solid has a new Close Open Boundaries control
- Smooth brushes can now be assigned to primary brush (so you can use them on a touch device!)
- lots of bug-fixes (Offset tool in particular), much improved stability on OSX, and more/better multi-threading

[February 18, 2014] meshmixer 2.1
[Win32] [Win64] [OSX]
- integrated 3D Print Preview with model analysis based on selected printer, material visualization, and print-level repair, hollow, and thicken tools
- improved Overhangs Tool with better support structure algorithm, full manual support editing (including after save/load), options to convert to a single solid shell, safer defaults, and improved parameter ranges.
- new Slicing Analysis Tool identifies thin/small areas in slice polygons
- new Offset Tool computes consistent offset shells (use to thicken, create walls, etc)
- new Attract To Target Tool that pulls selection towards Target object (set target in Actions menu)
- new Make Solid Tool converts multiple shells into a single solid, with optional offset distance
- extended Soft Transform Tool with improved boundary controls and Nonlinear deformation mode
- rewritten Reduce Tool can now produce lower polycounts with better details
- improved Plane Cut Tool now handles complex nested shells
- improved Replace/Fill Tool now fills interior holes with hard borders
- extended Selection Tool now has a multi-click polygon lasso mode and Sphere selection brush
- Improved STL importing, AMF import/export
- Reduced memory usage up to 50% in many cases
- improved rendering performance for large models
- multi-threaded computation for many tools
- many other bug fixes and small improvements!

[September 20, 2013] meshmixer 2.0
[Win64] [OSX]
- Complete UI redesign
- new Soft Transform tool, under the Select / Deform menu
- new Support Structure Generation for 3D printing in the Overhang Tool  (video tutorial coming soon...)
- new Strength Analysis Tool, does fast approximate stress analysis
- new shading modes - flat shading and face-group-normal shading  (accessible from menus and spacebar hotbox)
- new XYZ mode in measuring tool
- you can now directly enter numbers for all the parameter sliders
- all right-mouse-button actions also available as shift-leftmouse (eg align tool, etc)
- lots of bugfixes and suchforth
- AMF Import/Export (mesh data only)

[May 23, 2013] drag-and-drop update
[Win32] [Win64] [OSX]
- New default part libary with letters and numbers!
- DnD much more robust, now supports flipping!
- DnD part library icon fix
- Import Part Library in File menu
- exposed more parameters in Transform, Reduce/Remesh
- new camera-center hotkey: c
- various other bugfixes

[January 26, 2013] bugfix update
- fixed various small bugs found by users

[January 24, 2013] meshmixer08 update!
- support for snapping and units in Transform tool
- new Units Tool to set physical scale of model and convert between units
- new Stability Tool to analyze whether model will fall over
- Stability tool also computes volume and surface area
- new Overhang Tool and real-time shader to visualize overhang regions
- new Measuring Tool with various measuring modes
- PlaneCut now faster, more robust, can "slice" to keep both sides, and be restricted to a selection
- new GenerateFaceGroups Tool to find face groups on imported models
- Support for Color-Per-Vertex OBJ and binary STL
- Improved image format support (now supports JPG!)
- Booleans and Join tools significantly more robust
- many other small bugfixes and improvements

[October 26, 2012] (meshmixer08 update)
- vertex pins in SmoothBoundaryTool can now be moved
- can now specify custom base directory (see FAQ)
- misc bug fixes

[October 24, 2012] (meshmixer08)
- new Face Group support and manipulation tools
- new Stamp tool to insert polygons into surfaces
- new Convert To Polygon tool to create polygons
- new Attract to Target brush to pull surface towards a selected target object
- improved Booleans, Join tool, and Plane Cut tool
- SmoothBoundary tool now supports placing vertex pins
- Ground-plane Grid and Origin guide
- improved Transform Widget with angle-snapping guide and toggle between local and global coordinate systems
- updated Align tool for quickly positioning objects
- new brush options for continuous Flow, Hold Boundary, and Restrict to Group
- UI tweaks
like variable-speed sliders
bugfixes, performance improvements, etc

[July 12, 2012] (meshmixer07 update 5)
- new Close Cracks tool for welding together existing seams
- Hide selected objects with ctrl+v (ctrl+shift+V to show all)
- Combine now supports arbitrary number of objects
- smarter handling of importing objects with very different sizes
- tweaks for Face Selections (expand/contract, optimize)
- Add(shift) / Remove(ctrl) for slice-lasso in Face Selection
- improved Face Selection rendering
- huge cleanup of memory leaks
- many, many bug fixes

[May 18, 2012] (meshmixer07 update 4)

- Preliminary Texture Support (see this forum thread for details, limitations, etc)
- bugfixes
- new camera hotkeys

[February 8, 2012] (meshmixer07 update 3)

Separate tool for converting selection to new object
Transform tool can now be applied to entire objects without a selection (just hit 't')
Plane Cut tool for slicing through entire object with a plane, and filling any closed loops (make flat parts!)
Mirror tool for mirroring object across a plane. You can move the plane. Fun!
Duplicate tool for copying selected object(s)
- numeric parameter value entry (double-click on the parameter slider)
- Scene Object Browser (initially minimized, click on bar in bottom-right corner)
- beta Align tool that can align objects to x/y/z planes   (by default aligns last mirror/cut plane)
- bug fixes (tools, import/export, scaling) and ui tweaks
- transform widget rotation now snaps to 45-degree angles when you hold shift
- fixed some import/export scaling bugs

[January 17, 2012] (meshmixer07 update 2)

- Fixed broken PLY import, OBJ export
- Transform tool now has 3-axis manipulator
- Extrude/Extract now have x/y/z axis direction options
- new Remesh tool for refinining and reducing areas (beta)
- new Join tool that automates ZipperBrush/Weld workflow (beta)
- Selection brush now has crease-angle threshold
- new hotbox (hold spacebar)
- view-axis snapping (in hotbox)
- visual camera controls (drag on icons in hotbox)
- fit-to-view on object or selection (in hotbox)
- custom background color (in hotbox)
- many other bugfixes/improvements

[December 22, 2011] (meshmixer07 update)

- Restored main Drag-and-Drop functionality from meshmixer06
- Mac OSX build available for Lion and Snow Leopard
- Convert to Part now works with selections
- vastly improved rendering speed (millions of triangles!)
- improved brush performance
- many bugs fixed

[October 26, 2011] (meshmixer07)

- New Transform Faces tool (under the Deform menu)
- Extrude tool applied to an entire open mesh now produces a Shell
- New Extract tool for creating an offset copy of selected region
- New Reduce tool for reducing triangle count, with Adaptive mode.
- Improved Erase-and-Fill tool
- New SurfaceBrush tool [details]
- Custom stamp textures for SurfaceBrush (right-click on stamp bar to import your own)
- Stamp texture Align-to-stroke toggle and Spacing control
- SurfaceBrush Draw3 mode (like a Clay brush) and DrawMax mode (like a Layer brush)
- SymSnap toggle for VolumeBrush that snaps brush position to surface during symmetry
- Volumetric toggle for VolumeBrush that limits brush to connected regions
- Move mode for VolumeBrush that doesn't modify mesh
- Vertex Color Painting brush modes [details]
- Blur/Smooth Paint brush mode for SurfaceBrush.
- Restore-Defaults for brush settings (click on the properties bar headers)
- Custom Materials (right click on the materials bar to import your own)
- Support for PLY import/export with Vertex Colors
- Option to Append imported meshes to current scene
- Import Plane to create initial default plane mesh
- Selections are now preserved after most operations
- Hotkeys have been redesigned [list]
- forum threads with more info: [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6]

[May 16, 2011] (meshmixer05)

- Reduce & Refine brushes for triangle management
- AdaptiveReduce brush for preserving detail when reducing
- ZipperEdge brush for pulling open boundaries toward eachother
- WeldBoundaries tool for joining nearby boundary edges
- Extrusion tool for extruding areas of faces
- SmoothBoundary tool for smoothing edge loops
- Bridge/Handle tool for creating mesh tubes between areas
- Open, Save, SaveAs for fast binary .mix file form
- 60-second AutoSave for crash recovery
- reorganized ActionBar menus
- fix for OpenGL shader compiler crashes
- ALT+CTRL+LMB to zoom, ALT+SHIFT+LMB to pan (for pens)
- [ and ] control brush size (previous/next view moved to ( and ) )
- free rotate option (under View/Config menu)
- brush rendering improved (symmetry line, stamp darkness)
- Symmetry option for Selection brush
- Selection brush now restricted to front-faces

[April 16, 2011] (meshmixer04 update)

- improved fallbacks for OpenGL failures/driver limitations
- added Basic Rendering mode
- added Log File Generation to aid in troubleshooting
- capped undo/redo memory usage

[April 12, 2011] (meshmixer04 update)

- fixed catastrophic file-export that was corrupting OBJ meshes
- fixed rendering glitch with selection hilight

[April 7, 2011] (meshmixer04 release)

- Volume Brushes with dynamic meshing refinement (Drag, Draw1/2, ShrinkSmooth, BubbleSmooth, RobustSmooth, Flatten, Inflate, Pinch, Spikes)
- improved rendering
- new color schemes
- crash recovery

[March 7, 2011] (meshmixer03 release)

- complete interface rewrite
- 64-bit and (beta) OSX versions
- full Undo/Redo support
- new Deform tool for push/pull surface editing
- new Smooth Brush tool for local mesh smoothing
- Selection tool now defaults to a Brush Mode
- Better large model support (can work with millions of triangles)
- Publish to Shapeways dialog
- in-app feedback and bug report submission (requires email)
- many performance improvements and bug fixes